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This is my Robots file cabinet and it contains information about my various projects related to the subject of robotics. I have focused my interest in robotics on mobile autonomous vehicles i.e. robots which move about their environment to accomplish a specific set of tasks without outside guidance or intervention.  Environment examples include the home, table tops, mazes and line following.

Robotics Lab Notebook

This notebook is a collection of information about various aspects of robotics

Python Notes

Robot Papers

An Index of useful papers and tutorials for the robot builder

Line Maze Robot

The ultimate goal is to design, build and program a maze solving robot that meets all of the official micromouse maze rules and regulations.  As a learning tool, I have chosen to build a line maze bot since the sensor suite and code needed for a line maze are much less complicated than required for the micromouse maze competition.

The line maze bot is simply an adaptation of line following robot programmed as a left wall follower with a small algorithm to find the shortest path by simply eliminating all dead end routes in the maze.  This robot is not robust enough, at this point, to detect and avoid loops so it will fail to find a solution for any line maze that contains loops.  I have added some brief documentation as indexed below.