What this is about

This my online file cabinet and it contains information about my general interests and hobbies. My decision to keep this information in the cloud was done for convenience since it lets me have access to the information from any location or any computer so long as access to the internet is available. I have made no effort to keep this information private so everything here is open to the public and with that acknowledgment, therefore, comes a caveat lector warning to anyone readng what I have included in these web pages.


This is my Robots file cabinet and it contains information about my various projects related to the subject of robotics. I have focused my interest in robotics on mobile autonomous vehicles i.e. robots which move about their environment to accomplish a specific set of tasks without outside guidance or intervention.  Environment examples include the home, table tops, mazes and line following.

Religious Studies

This is my online notebook of thoughts, musings and essays about religion in today’s world (see Memoranda for background;  Essays for a list of essays) but a word of caution to anyone who decides to read any of the essays I have written. While I have endeavored to accurately reflect the commonly held views of many of the leading American university scholars of religious history, I myself am not one. Therefore a “caveat lector” warning is in order for those who decide to read beyond this point.